Hello, World! Welcome To Rankwide.com

Since this is the first blog post here, I will keep it short.

Rankwide is my personal WordPress joint where I share marketing, web optimization, SEO, WordPress, coding and business tutorials and in-depth guides.

I plan on keeping this venture a single-author blog.

From tiny CSS modifications to complex coding tutorials, you will see some quality-packed tutorials for beginners and advanced website owners.

Mostly, I’ve worked as a pen-testing freelancer.

So, most of the tutorials found on this website will help you in optimizing your website’s speed, backend performance, security, and marketing performance.

That said, I will be sharing a few off-topic contents every now and then.

Now, the website is up and running, and everything looks cool but what about monetizing this puppy?

Well, affiliate marketing and sponsored product promotion and tutorials are the three preferable techniques.

Affiliate marketing may become the predominant source of income in the long run.

That’s all for now. I guess I will see you around?


Written By: Mithun Baiju

Mithun Baiju is a full-stack software developer and marketing consultant who works with entrepreneurs and startups to help them build powerful digital products.

With Rankwide, he shares his personal code snippets, tutorials and optimization guides for non-technical WordPress users and web design enthusiasts.