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4+ Ways To Add Author Box To WordPress Site

There are many ways you can add an author box to a WordPress website. Some require coding while the others can be followed by using nifty WordPress plugins.

In this article, I am going to show you how you can add an author box to your WordPress blog or business website within 10 minutes without any help from professional WordPress developers or web designers.

Let’s start.

Use a plugin to add author box in WordPress

Install the “Simple Author Box” WordPress plugin. It’s a free plugin with a super-simple settings panel which makes it the best choice for beginners.

After activating the plugin, head over to the plugin dashboard under the “Appearance” tab. Here’s you will see hundreds of options that you can tweak.

Unfortunately, Similar to many other WordPress plugins, Simple Author Box is limited to a few settings in the free version. I believe these free options are more than enough to display a simple yet professional-looking author’s box.

Here are a few screenshots to help you customize the look and feel of your author’s box.

After tweaking all these settings, you will get a beautiful-looking, unique author box. Plus, if you want to add more elements, you can always upgrade to a premium version to unlock all the bells & whistles.

Add Author Box By Editing The Theme Files

Note: Modifying your theme files may lead to your site getting crashed. Don’t try this on the live website. Download a copy of your website and modify it on the localhost instead.

Finding the theme file responsible for your website’s single blog posts is fairly simple. Browse your theme directory by following the directory map below and find where the theme file for the single blog post is located:


The single.php file is used by your theme to display your single blog post content.

In some cases, you will have to look into the template directory of your theme to see if it has an additional file called “content-single.php”.

If there’s such a file, “content-single.php”, you have to edit this file and add the codes to it.

Refer to the below image for reference.

Add the below codes in your “content-single.php” file and save it.

After adding the above code, save and close the file.

Now, add the following CSS codes to your stylesheet or use Custom CSS Plugin to get this done without editing the theme files.

Forget not to replace the image URL and all other details with your own info.

Furthermore, this is not the best way to get this done. Adding static codes inside theme files is not a permanent solution but other methods are a bit too complicated for beginners. So, let’s see how we can add an author box using a WordPress plugin.

Using theme panel’s settings

Many WordPress themes these days come packed with a theme panel that enables you to customize and control the front-end look of the website. If you have purchased a premium theme, there’s a high chance that your theme sports such a feature.

Look into the documentation of your WordPress theme to see if there is such a feature.

However, If you don’t find any theme panel, you should get in touch with customer support for advice on the same.

There’s no point in installing a third-party plugin or editing the theme files if your theme already offers tweaking or adding an author box out of the box.

On the other hand, if you are using a free WordPress theme, you might not be able to find this feature.

Furthermore, some premium themes such as GeneratPress also don’t offer the “Author Box” module for free. In such cases, you have to either use a WordPress plugin or edit some WordPress theme files.


Although there are more options to add this feature to your WordPress website, I recommend the above-listed techniques to display a professional-looking author box. If you have a little PHP coding experience, you can easily use various code snippets to make this happen.

That said if you don’t want to trouble yourself with complicated WordPress coding, using a plugin or adding a few lines of static HTML codes will solve your problems.

In addition, most premium and freemium (premium themes that come with a free version) will have an in-built feature to help you tweak the author box in WordPress.

If you are wondering which information needs to be included in your author’s box, here’s my checklist:

  • Your Name.
  • A profile picture.
  • A short bio of yourself.
  • Your passion related to the website.
  • Social Media links.

To conclude, make sure to not add too much information in this box, most users will not go through each sentence. So, keep it short and precise.

Frequently Asked Questions about author boxes and their impact on your website.

Is it necessary to add an author box?

Ans: It depends on the type of content you are publishing. If you manage a business website and use the blog to spread awareness about products, you probably don’t need to insert the author box.

But if you run an authority blog or even a niche blog, it is highly recommended to add an author box to connect with your readers.

The primary focus of any niche blog is to help readers with actionable content. In return, you make money using advertisements and affiliate marketing. If a reader doesn’t know who you are, they might not spend money on your recommended products.

That being said, I don’t add an author box on many of my websites in the initial stage.

Does it help with the SEO?

It’s debatable but I don’t believe so. The author’s box is a static object on your web page. Moreover, Google and many other search engines have been using Machine Learning algorithms and Artificial Intelligence to determine the quality of the content. So, it’s the quality of the content that matters the most.

What are some features that need to be included in an author’s box?

You can use any of the following items in your author’s box:

  • Your full name
  • Email address
  • A short bio
  • Profile picture
  • Social media links
  • A link to author’s archive

As mentioned earlier, the key is to keep the bio short and yet effective. So, only include the most relevant information in this section.

Also, if you don’t want to add any profile pictures, it’s alright.

How can this help me?

Assuming that you are running a blog to generate some income, chances are many people will want to contact you for brand deals and product promotion. Having an author’s box with all the necessary links will make their lives easier.